Finding Your Role

I heard once, a story of a bible study where the pastor was leaving, he had to catch a flight and his ticket had gotten misplaced somewhere at the church where they were meeting. Many of the people flew into action and tried to find the ticket, someone called the airline to see what could be done, this was obviously at a time before electronic ticketing. lol

Anyway, during the entire panic to find this ticket, one woman did nothing but sit in a chair.

When the was ticket found and the pastor left, some of the other people complained and criticized that she hadn't helped.

She in response said, "There were a dozen of you looking for that ticket, one more set of eyes couldn't have made that much difference, but the prayers I was sending up the entire time, that the ticket be found, that did.

Truth was it took all of them doing their part to have a successful outcome in that situation. I think too often, we busy ourselves trying to decide for other people what roles they should play, when in truth, we all have our parts to play. I believe that a large part of this life journey is to figure out what our role is and to embrace it fully.

If you only get your world view from the local and national news media, then you may think this world on a path to ruin and there is very little to be done for it. Everyone is mad, everyone is fighting, everything is falling apart. Truth is, there are good people all around us fighting for love, for things they are passionate about, determined to make some difference in this world, no matter how big or how small.

These people know the secret to life, it doesn't
matter the effect, it matters that you are in your role, doing your best. All the rest comes together in god's timing, exactly as it is meant to.

I read an article last night about a documentary on our beautiful elephants and how the ivory trade is funding terrorism and that these amazing creatures, one dies every fifteen minutes and at that rate, they only have about ten years left in the wild before they are extinct.

When this woman learned of this, instead of accepting that, instead of simply sending money or signing a petition, she extended her gift to these elephants, she made a documentary.

She holds no illusion that the film itself will save the animals, what she's hoping is that it will inspire others to fight for these creatures and that we can stop this extinction. To quote her, “An elephant disappears every 15 minutes. It is our hope that this film helps to bring an activist into existence at least that often.”

If she'd donned a hat and a pair of boots and determined to through her body between an elephant and a poacher, she may have lasted five minutes and no one would have probably ever known of her death. Instead she made a remarkable film that will reach millions.

In this life it is part of our responsibility to learn who we are and what our gifts are. From there we must accept that and use this knowledge to play our part in this world.

I have been given the role of teacher and to inspire others. It was something I fought against for years because I thought, Who am I? I spent most of my life trying to save people directly, putting my body between elephant and poacher when that was never my role. Mine was not to find the ticket, but to pray that it be found. I see now that had I insisted to stay in a smaller role, chosen to one by one try and convince people they could have a better life, I never would have been as effective as I am here, nor would I have had a life I love.

I believe that 2015 is going to be an incredibly powerful year. So many of us are waking up to our true purposes and embracing them. This makes all of us stronger. When we know our role, we are effective and we help the planet on the whole. I believe walking authentically on your true path to be the secret of life. It's the key to happiness, success and change.

If you are feeling lost on your path, part of mine is now to offer services, readings, classes, all designed to help you find who you are and what your calling is here. There are a few things on line already with much more coming in 2015 so please visit my site often, bookmark it and share this with anyone you think it may bless.

Be well beloveds and happy Wednesday! <3

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