I'm Samantha Lucas, best known for writing breathtaking erotic romances, but I'm also a woman who's dealt with the brunt of life. I've been homeless more than once, the first time as a very young teen, the last time when I was the mom of two very little boys. I've been hungry, and developed a boatload of food and weight baggage. I've been in love, I've been betrayed. I've loved and lost my twin flame. I've raised two amazing men whom I home schooled, which just for the record is still one of the greatest joys of my life. I have an unbelievable Disney theme-park addiction and in fact now reside in Orlando to feed it! I'm a deeply spiritual, phenomenally passionate woman who is chasing dreams and building a life of worth and I will not give up!

Through everything, I've learned a few things and as a writer, I feel more than equipped to share my life and my lessons with others who may gain enlightenment, support or just feel for a moment like they aren't so alone in the world.

That would be enough for me, but I am also psychic, a twin flame, an empath, and have a gift with reading cards and souls and though I've tried to run from these gifts much of my life, the past few years have taught me that to hold my gifts behind stone walls in the fear that someone may be offended, or take something I've said the wrong way, is not only selfish, but damaging. I have enlightenment to bring to this world and, for now, this is my venue.

Come in, get comfy and don't be offended by anything I say. If it doesn't fit you, then it wasn't for you. You will never find judgement here, or a "you have to do it my way" mentality. I only know my way, that's all I can teach. I believe in living a life of passion and worth. I believe in leaps of faith and chasing dreams. I believe we write the story of our life every day and it's the choices we make that make up that story. We're all capable of achieving our dreams, sometimes we just need a boost over the higher obstacles. I pray for those who stay, and visit again and again, that you be blessed beyond reason and that the god of your knowing smiles loving on you always. Namaste always​ ~ Samantha ♥

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