Destiny... my new friend

I believe in destiny. I never knew that about myself before, but I'm discovering that I do. Perhaps I just always called it by a different name, or perhaps I was simply too afraid to let myself believe, but I honestly do and furthermore, I'm wondering why not?

So many of us I think are afraid to believe we have a destiny. That there could be something other than the ordinary, that we could in fact be the stars in our own heroic story. What if that doubt is a silent enemy employed to keep you from achieving your destiny? What if the lack of belief that you could have a greater purpose in this thing called life, is nothing more than
a disease of the mind, a dark spirit, something who is consciously just trying to keep you down?

I do believe there is a spirit world. There are too many stories and incidents to write off as coincidence.
I also believe in higher callings and greater purposes, in a way.
What I absolutely, positively know for certain without doubt, is that we can all be more than we are at right this moment, and that we should absolutely reach for that.

That's what Florida is for me. Call it destiny, call it a dream, call it a calling, if you will, but I know that the woman I am in Virginia, is a mere shadow of the woman I will become in Florida. That's worth perusing.

A lot of my emotions have been in flux since having to come back. This life here is quite powerful and it has enormous sucking power, but as I start to see the illusion of a life I have here for what it really is, the thing holding me back from my destiny, I am gaining power to resist it. I caught glimpses of the real me when I was in Florida. I remembered her. She's still there alive, encased in the frosted glass of a life of bad choices but I intend to free her and when I do, amazing things are going to happen for me. I know this to the depths of my soul.

What about you? Are you living the life you should be, could be, want to be? 

It is NOT wrong to want more. Take a look, not outward but inward and be truthful with at least yourself. Is this who you are? Is this the life you were meant for?

I believe you can change anything. You just need to have the courage to face the obstacles, do the hard work, and let go of what's comfortable. Yes, it's a risk, but I believe if you are brave enough to take that risk, and you put your heart and soul into making the changes necessary, you will be astounded with where you end up.

Here's to change and bravery... and yes, even destiny! 

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