Why Dreams are Important

As you must know by now, unless you've just accidentally happened by my blog, I am within a week from making a huge lifelong dream come true. This is just the first in a long series of dreams I intend to breathe into life this year. As I've been on this journey I've spent a good deal of time examining my beliefs about dreams and talking to many people about dreams in their own lives and I think for me, what I've come to believe is that those dreams that live in your soul, they're ordained. They are your destiny. You were created to walk a path that fulfills them.

I believe there are different levels of dreams. There are things that simply feel good and we desire them and then there are dreams that live in our soul and there is no escaping them. Two people could be "dreaming" about the same thing, a house for instance, but for one, the house symbolizes something that would be really awesome to live in, and for the other, they know they were created to live in that house.

For the sake of this blog post, I'll be talking about the latter. The dreams that are more than fanciful wishes, but in truth is our destiny calling.

When I read about dreamers throughout history it grieves me to see the attacks these people had to live with and yet I've suffered the same. Do you truly think only some of us have this ability to dream, to know we were created for more? Because it appears to me
that the attackers are nothing more than jealous people incapable of dreaming so therefore they want us all to live with the same restrictions life has somehow put on them... to remain ordinary.

We as dreamers are spectacular and you should never allow your dreams to be taken from you. I don't care what it is or how crazy it may seem, those are the best ones! Where would we be in this world without the dreamers? Would we have discovered the world was round? The telephone? The ability to fly? Would we have ever landed on the moon? Would there be art? Cures for disease? Architecture, movies, books, that inspire? It is the dreamers of this world who are creating this world. We are the ones who tell people to reach farther, try harder, we are the ones through whom creation is fulfilled.

Never apologize for being a dreamer.

I am forty five years old and it has taken me this long to get to a point where I stopped believing the people who have always surrounded me that told me my dreams were silly, ridiculous, worthless... they are not. My dreams are a gift from my creator, a life map if you will. Because when I travel the path to those dreams, no matter what they are, I learn, I grow, I meet the people I'm supposed to meet, and I grow closer to my creator.

My dreams probably do sound silly to most. I don't want to star on Broadway, run a fortune 500 company, or cure cancer, I want to live inside Disney World. Yes the big picture of that dream is more encompassing, but that's the core. Everything I'm supposed to do with my life stems from that dream I've had as long as I ever remember, back to being four or five years old. I dreamed of this long before there was ever even the possibility of owning a home inside a Disney Resort, but I knew I would someday.

In California, I got as close as I could, I lived on the same street within walking distance of Disneyland, but I knew in my soul, this wasn't it. I need to be inside. Disney is a part of me, it's written on my soul for some reason I can't explain and as I work for this goal, I achieve so many smaller dreams along the way that I'm covered in dreams come true like pixie dust and what does pixie dust do?

It makes you fly.

I have been told all my life that the "life I imagine" is not possible... so I tried to settle, I tried to be content, find happiness in "the best I could get" and I've had a modicum of success at it, but what I find myself asking now is why I listened to these people for so long?

If you get nothing else from this entire post hear this...

Do not EVER allow small minded people to steal your destiny!

Because I assure you, they will try. Whatever you dream, and I don't care what it is or how much of a waste people have told you it is, if its a soul dream, it IS possible. You do it, create it, achieve it, LIVE it!

We are special people, the dreamers. You have been gifted with that dream, it's yours to care for and birth into this world. That's a responsibility, not a waste. A dream is very fragile in it's beginning, it needs you to protect it and believe in it, fight for it. When you hit that finish line, you'll be so glad you did!

If you can dream, you have been gifted with hope as well. Your hope is beautiful! Wear it like a cloak and no matter what just keep going!

A week from now I'll be in Florida, in Golden Oak? No, not yet, this is just the first step to the rest of my life. A long list of dreams that do lead right to the gates of Golden Oak and I'm truly excited. I can see it, I can feel it, and I will achieve it. What do you dream? Are you walking a path to it, or have you let the people around you shame you into forgetting?

Come with me.

Leave behind the past, the people, the things, the responsibilities that are hold you back, keeping you from all you could be and reach for that dream. I have such faith in your ability to soar because at the end of the day, like for me, your dreams are so much more than a fanciful wish, they are your destiny.

Destiny is calling.

Are you answering?

I am! :)

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