Transforming Yourself is Simpler Than You May Realize

I believe each one of us has a power within that can change our lives. I believe that no matter what your religious beliefs, intellectual capacity, financial situation, or upbringing, you have the power and potential to be an amazing, successful, happy creature in this life and I believe all most of us need to change our destiny, is to realize we can.

That's what I want to talk to you about today.

Our minds are incredible, amazing things. They are so complex and intricate that even after all the years man has existed, we still don't entirely understand how they work, but we do know somewhat of the power they hold.

I'm not talking today of intelligence, which for whatever reason varies from person to person, but instead I'm talking more of our thoughts and our extraordinarily powerful subconscious mind and how you truly do have the power to program it to be a benefit to you, but most of us allow it to hold us back instead.

As you all know, I had a rather traumatizing event in my life a few years back. For whatever reason, rather than that event being the final blow in a decade of horrible blows and letting it finish me, that event propelled me into the life of my dreams. I'm living now in Florida and writing full time and I get to go to my beloved Disney anytime that I desire. For me, life doesn't get any better, but I'm not special or lucky, I shifted my thinking. In small ways at first, but I discovered as I went along, that those small things built on themselves and momentum grew and I became stronger and in about the time frame of a year, I went from the single worst night of my entire life, to a new life that was everything I'd ever dreamed since I was five years old and I believe you have the same ability to change your life too.

I've always been the kind of person who, when I find something wonderful, I share. Well the joy and gratitude that fills my heart each and every day, and the desire to make the world a better place because of it, is the best thing I've ever discovered and something I would give to every person on the planet if it was magic and I could just touch you and give it to you. It doesn't work like that, but I do believe its possible to
show you how to find it for yourself and I think the most important foundation building factor is what do you believe about yourself?

Truly in your deepest parts, if no one were around and you were 100% honest with yourself, what is it that you believe?

For many years, I believed I was cursed somehow because no matter how hard I tried or how much I tried to help, no matter how dedicated I was or how self sacrificing, drama and chaos and catastrophe followed me like a bloodhound. I felt doomed to live out my mother's life over and over and over again because I kept running into the same type of trouble she always did. Although, in my defense I think I handled it better. ;-)

Seriously though, a few years ago now I read something that started to change my life. I read that life sends you lessons and when you've learned the lesson, life sends you a test to make certain you've gotten the lesson.

I think I got trapped in a vicious circle of rather than using my learned wisdom to pass these tests, I saw them as signs that I hadn't learned the lesson and was being given yet another chance to learn, so I'd try and handle the situation differently, thus trapping me in this vortex of drama, chaos, and pain.

When I began to look at life events like tests, I reacted to them differently. I didn't react with hysterics or feelings or worthlessness and allow depression to creep in. I took the events as a challenge with confidence, knowing if this was occurring in my life, then I had all the necessary wisdom to handle it. I grabbed hold with both hands and I began to kick ass, but in reality what I was doing, was reprogramming my subconscious mind to be stronger, braver, and victorious and I gotta say, this is a MUCH better place to be!

We absolutely have the power within us to change anything. It all comes down to how much do you want it?

I literally went through hell for the opportunities being afforded me now and I'd do it all over again to have this. I'm not on a sturdy foundation yet by a long shot. I still have so much to accomplish and so many blessings headed my way, but I believe that I am finally in the exact right place to receive those blessings and to gain the strength and wisdom I need to continue ascending in my life and I will positively guarantee you that this is the best place I've ever been, emotionally, spiritually and physically and I want that for everyone.

I want you to be the strongest, bravest, most successful incarnation of you, that you can be and while I do not assume that we are all alike, believe me I'm exceedingly quirky and not many people are exactly like me, but I do know that if you simply start to change your thinking, you will see changes in your life as well.

I was created a very emotional being. I'm super sensitive as in I get my feelings hurt easily, but I'm also vulnerable to anxiety, depression, stress and a variety of other feelings that leave me overwhelmed and in many cases, completely ineffective. Most of my adult life, this anxiety and fear would leave me so debilitated that I would allow those around me to deal with the situation leaving me the victim of their bad choices and allowing all kinds of chaos into my life and setting up yet another vicious circle.

When I began to learn that she subconscious mind is responsible for the automatically triggered feelings and emotions that I suddenly experience upon facing a new situation, for instance, if you were about to give a presentation then all the fear and anxiety feelings you might experience are in fact launched and controlled by your subconscious mind, I started to realize that I controlled them, they didn't have to control me!

For many years I allowed myself to be a victim of my emotions and even now I have to consciously keep them in line, but when I learned that theoretically, emotions are no more than messages sent by my subconscious mind in order to notify me about something, I realized that meant I got to choose how to respond to them. They didn't get to simply run amok all over me. That was HUGE. By learning to recognize emotions as a cue from my subconscious mind, I can consiouly choose how I will respond.

I really want you to hear that, because I know for me, it was life changing.

You truly do and can control those emotions that overwhelm you and leave you ravaged and feeling helpless. You truly do have that power within yourself.

The best part is that every time I choose not to respond by accepting fear or anxiety or doubt or feelings of being overwhelmed, every time I control my breathing and focus, every time I don't give into the emotion and, for me because of my personal faith, every time I choose to trust in the god who protects me, I am actually reprogramming my subconscious mind to respond differently to whatever stimuli triggered the fearful emotion in the first place... in essence, I get stronger. I gain wisdom, I gain control over my emotions and my life. I see it happening every day, and now, a few years in, I can barely recognize the woman I once was, but I can tell you for absolute certain, that woman I used to be wasn't ever moving to Orlando all by herself. That woman wasn't taking leaps of faith and making her dreams come true. This woman is though!

I believe in you. I know you can take control over your life and live whatever dreams you nurture deep in your soul, and more, I believe its your destiny to do so. Make today your fresh start. Take is slow, make the changes simple, start by simply being aware that you control your responses to your emotions, they don't have to control you!

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