Monday Master Class - Dreams

Do you dream?

I used to.

Ever since I dug out my old photographs I've been thinking a lot about younger me. I was so lonely then and so uncomfortable in my skin, but I was a dreamer. Now I'm comfortable in my skin, not as lonely, but I no longer dream.

Earlier this year was the first time since the early days of my marriage that I allowed myself a dream... to go home,Disney World. Its a good dream and I love having it, and since that first moment, the dream has grown to include friends, an apartment, a life, but it has made me realize how long its been since I had a dream. I make goals all the time but I think the big difference between a dream and a goal is that a dream requires a little bit of magic to see it come true. Its bigger than a goal and it comes from a deeper place in your soul.

All sixteen year old Samantha had was dreams. I now have life experience and wisdom. The problem is, that along with the years, I think I've become jaded. I've grown to expect the worst, I've come to see life not as a place full of hope and adventures, but of sadness, pain, and excruciatingly hard work. I think this happens to a lot of us, so today I actually have an assignment for you, go dig out some old pictures of yourself.

Stare into the eyes of a younger you and remember the dreams you had then. I made one of my dreams come true back then, but there were so many others I allowed life to beat out of me. The exciting thing is, I'm getting in touch with my younger self and her dreams, I'm adding my life experience and wisdom to them and creating whole new dreams, and these dreams, nothing is going to stop me from going after!

I think dreams play an important role in our lives and I think they are too important to just let die. Do you dream of something? Perhaps its something everyone has told you is stupid or not right for you. I would challenge you to look at the dream through your own eyes and you decide if its right for you or not, if it is... reach for it!

I believe with faith, patience, and perseverance, nothing is impossible for us. We were created as amazing beings with a strength of will that is to be marveled at, don't let someone talk you out of what's meant for you. If it burns in your soul, its meant for you to reach for. The journey alone will be worth the risk. Don't let fear rob you. You can do it. I have faith in you. ;-)

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