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I have been a published author for about a decade now and in that time, I've written dozens of romance novels. This project for me though is incredibly personal as for the first time, I'm unleashing my Disney lovin' self into a world that I've created. This is Disney World with a quiet little town just within its borders, back in the trees. It came to me one day while I was riding the monorail. It was an idea I'd played with off and on for years, but I finally put two things together and came up with an idea I could get really excited about.

Not far from Orlando is a place called Cassadaga. It's a spiritualist's camp. Their residents are psychic, their hotel is haunted, and it fascinates me. I thought to myself, what if Cassadaga where sitting right here next to Disney World, and what if this town had secrets? Like, what if the residents weren't all human? What if there was a portal to a dark fairy tale realm and the barriers between realms has been breached? And what if there was a legendary falls that held the secret to life and death and possibly the origin thereof?

Take all that, wrap it in Disney World, and you have Elethiya. (El lee thee ah)

There are five different lines, or types, of stories within this world. We have fairy tales, sacred soul mates, those striving for fame and all that goes with it, and we even have a secret club high atop one of the exclusive hotels were bdsm looks nothing like what you've heard. Here men and women of honor seek the type of completion of soul that only the right pairing of Dom to sub can ever deliver.

You can check out more on each line on the Themes page on the site.

I hope you'll give my new world a try. I'm going indie with this project because honestly, it's just too personal to put in the hands of a publisher, even the amazing ones I work with regularly. So what I need more than anything from you all, is to spread the word, share the links, get excited and tell everyone! My intention is to have Elethiya be a long running series that gets truly embraced by its readers.

I love writing fiction, creating characters, and now, worlds. It's one of the greatest gifts of my life and to be able to mesh this with my Disney love, it's more than I ever knew I could have. I hope those of you who love my work will stick by me with this shift, and I hope to open up to a whole new world of Disney fans now as well. Stay tuned for more info and sign up below for the newsletter which will give you the first Elethiya book free in pdf format once it debuts!

The Failsafe Prophecies – The Seven Kingdoms 
When two shifters are called to save two women from the dark angels, the roahn- ami, what seemed like a single incident, rapidly unwinds into something much bigger.
In Tales of Elethiya – The Seven Kingdoms, an ancient race of immortals and shifters come to the realization that they must gather their allies and band together, not only to take back the magical realm of the Marrow, but to save Earth from a never ending darkness.
In the first book, The Failsafe Prophecies: Wraithe has to deal with his guilt over what he thinks is the betrayal of an important friendship. Bala wrestles with fear, while Luxe wrestles with his dark side, and a plan is formed to rescue a sleeping princess from a legendary castle.

To get the second book free, subscribe via Patreon before December 31st.
Grab it on Smashwords for free until the end of the year.
Books will be available everywhere beginning in January.

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