The Responsibility of Our Voice Today in Social Media.

We all have been given a voice in this life, the chance to speak into the lives of others bringing enlightenment, love and truth. We have an opportunity to teach about what fuels our passion. When we find something we love, we want to share it, whether it’s a new hobby, a service to community, our kids or a romantic relationship.

In this day and age, with our technology, we all have a platform through social media to use our voice in a much broader spectrum than ever before in history. I would like to challenge you today about how you are using that platform. I would like to enlighten you about how important it is and how much damage you can do if you are not conscious about this truth as I don’t think many people realize what a unique opportunity this is and what a heavy responsibility it comes with.

I personally have over a thousand “friends” on Facebook along with a couple thousand 'likes' on my fan pages. Add to that a couple hundred followers on Twitter. I use these tools to promote my books and keep up with friends I would otherwise not have daily contact with, but on top of that, I try to spread positivity, light, love and truth at least a little every day knowing that any one of those thousand people may happen upon what I just posted and it may be the thing they needed to get one step further in their own journey.

I haven’t always had this focus. I used to ramble, cry, rant and whine as my life went through different stages of trial, not the best use of my platform. What grieves my heart though,

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