Finding Your Role

I heard once, a story of a bible study where the pastor was leaving, he had to catch a flight and his ticket had gotten misplaced somewhere at the church where they were meeting. Many of the people flew into action and tried to find the ticket, someone called the airline to see what could be done, this was obviously at a time before electronic ticketing. lol

Anyway, during the entire panic to find this ticket, one woman did nothing but sit in a chair.

When the was ticket found and the pastor left, some of the other people complained and criticized that she hadn't helped.

She in response said, "There were a dozen of you looking for that ticket, one more set of eyes couldn't have made that much difference, but the prayers I was sending up the entire time, that the ticket be found, that did.

Truth was it took all of them doing their part to have a successful outcome in that situation. I think too often, we busy ourselves trying to decide for other people what roles they should play, when in truth, we all have our parts to play. I believe that a large part of this life journey is to figure out what our role is and to embrace it fully.

If you only get your world view from the local and national news media, then you may think this world on a path to ruin and there is very little to be done for it. Everyone is mad, everyone is fighting, everything is falling apart. Truth is, there are good people all around us fighting for love, for things they are passionate about, determined to make some difference in this world, no matter how big or how small.

These people know the secret to life, it doesn't

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