Transforming Yourself is Simpler Than You May Realize

I believe each one of us has a power within that can change our lives. I believe that no matter what your religious beliefs, intellectual capacity, financial situation, or upbringing, you have the power and potential to be an amazing, successful, happy creature in this life and I believe all most of us need to change our destiny, is to realize we can.

That's what I want to talk to you about today.

Our minds are incredible, amazing things. They are so complex and intricate that even after all the years man has existed, we still don't entirely understand how they work, but we do know somewhat of the power they hold.

I'm not talking today of intelligence, which for whatever reason varies from person to person, but instead I'm talking more of our thoughts and our extraordinarily powerful subconscious mind and how you truly do have the power to program it to be a benefit to you, but most of us allow it to hold us back instead.

As you all know, I had a rather traumatizing event in my life a few years back. For whatever reason, rather than that event being the final blow in a decade of horrible blows and letting it finish me, that event propelled me into the life of my dreams. I'm living now in Florida and writing full time and I get to go to my beloved Disney anytime that I desire. For me, life doesn't get any better, but I'm not special or lucky, I shifted my thinking. In small ways at first, but I discovered as I went along, that those small things built on themselves and momentum grew and I became stronger and in about the time frame of a year, I went from the single worst night of my entire life, to a new life that was everything I'd ever dreamed since I was five years old and I believe you have the same ability to change your life too.

I've always been the kind of person who, when I find something wonderful, I share. Well the joy and gratitude that fills my heart each and every day, and the desire to make the world a better place because of it, is the best thing I've ever discovered and something I would give to every person on the planet if it was magic and I could just touch you and give it to you. It doesn't work like that, but I do believe its possible to

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