Monday Master Class - Being Open

I have tried to live my life in an "open" fashion for many years. Open to what god wants for me what life/fate/destiny holds. Open to surprises, goodness, even open to the trials of life that teach me so much. As I shifted my life this year to living more intentionally I started to wonder though if I could be too open.

I noticed recently that by staying open all the time, I leave myself vulnerable to being blown around by the breeze. I'm learning there is a difference in being open, and being wishy washy! lol

Take my writing for example, I have spent so much time on To Love a King, in writing, polishing, and editing. Doing everything I need to, so this will be my best book ever. During the process I stayed open to my muse and my editor, refining details, adding new scenes, whatever was needed to make the story the best story I was capable of telling in that moment.

its now in the publisher's hands, there are no more changes to be made, and whether readers embrace the tale of Antares, Nikolai, and Naveenah, or not, I can't do anything more. The time for being open is done. Because I worked so hard and put all of my heart and soul into this, I'm able to let the results go and be open to the next phase. Some people I'm sure will love it, as I'm sure some people will probably hate it, but I know, in my soul, I did everything I could for that story and its reading for publication.

On the other hand, I could have kept the book in my computer another month, year, decade, and more story ideas would have come and I would have made changes, would it have made it a better book? I don't know, possibly, but what I do know, is that by keeping it to myself, by staying open to change on that book, it never would have seen the light of day and I'd be robbing myself of the sense of accomplishment I feel now as well as robbing anyone who will read it and be loved by it.

The point is, there's a time to be open and there's a time to decide and move forward.

I'm facing this in my life right now with Florida, and even more specifically, men. I know in my soul that I need to be in Florida. Yet I continue to date men here, with the secret hope in the back of my head that I may find "the one"... and then what, give up my dreams, my writing... like I did with Dale?

I have lived much of my life in a perpetual state of openess, and I'm seeing now how damaging that can be. There is a time to be open to wonderful things coming into your life and there is a time to simply decide based on the best knowledge you have at the time.

For me, the finding of a soul mate would be a wonderful thing and of course I don't want to miss it, but I think rather than being so open to men in a general sense, I need to be open to the miracle of Florida and what I will find there. So for now, I need to stop being so open to finding that one special man that has eluded me all my life and put my trust in god and what I know in my soul to be true, he's out there, I'll find him, but for now, being open to him isn't the right thing to do. The timing is wrong. I need to wait. Ahhhh Patience 101 taught by the creator himself... lots O fun! :P

So today I would ask you to think about your own life, are you open to what life holds for you? If so, are you tooopen? The best way to decide these things is through the peace found in prayer and meditation, but I would at the very least encourage you to look at the things in your life honestly, especially anything that has you feeling a bit crazy, like you're chasing your tail... that's a good sign you're being too open. Decide... it'll be okay. If you choose wrong, clean up the mess and learn from it... that's almost more of a blessing than choosing right, but either way, find some still in your life today and make a decision. ;-)

Until next time ~ Samantha 

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