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Monday Master Class - Blesssed Normalcy...

I had an extraordinarily good weekend, I hope you all did as well. :) I finished the final read through on To Love a King, my ex is going over it now to make certain I didn't miss anything--sometimes exes can be nice ;-)--then I'll send it back probably within the hour. I get more and more excited about this book every time I read through it. Its a classic Samantha Lucas love story, only this time wrapped in a legend thousands of years old, set on an alien planet and for the first time, I have two equally amazing heroes trying to win the heart of our heroine with what I think is a soul satisfying ending. Don't forget it comes out next Wednesday, July 20th from Siren Publishing :) Speaking of which, several of my books there are on special until the release so check the link out.

As I've said countless times, I think every life has purpose. I try to share mine in the hopes that something I've learned, something I've gone through, may help you in some way to find answers or strength for your own life. That's the idea behind Monday Master Class. A master class is a class given to students of a particular discipline, and for the purposes here we'll call that discipline living the life we were created for, by anexpert of that discipline... of which I am certainly not, but I do think I have things of value to teach and it would be selfish of me to keep them to myself, especially when I witness so many people around me floundering and wanting so desperately for more. So I bring you a focused
(well as focused as I'm capable of) blog on something I've learned, something I've experienced, something I've gone through or something cool I've found that makes my life better. that last one is the theme for today's post so back to the idea of normalcy.

That word is rather vague really. I think everyone has their own definition of what "normal" looks like, and we allneed to be careful not to push our view of it onto someone else because what works for me, isn't necessarily going to work for you and vice versa. What we can do however is share what we've found to work in our lives and let someone else take from your lessons what can be applied to them.

This year has been... well trying as most of you know. January hit like a bitch and I've honestly spent most of the year just trying to get my head above water. Well I think I may be there... with my head above water... in fact I think I may have found solid ground! *holds breath hoping solid ground isn't shifting sand* but for the purpose of this blog post, we'll assume its solid and life can resume as normal as my life ever gets.

Have you ever heard of a little thing called Now Do This.com? Its a very simple tool based on the zen philosophy of simplicity and the habit of doing one thing at a time. This works for me, because despite that I can multi-task, I find myself feeling very frenzied at the end of a day where I've tried to accomplish too many things at once. I've been using now do this for several months and I find it most helpful because there are no bells and whistles, just a simple reminder of what I've declared important for the day and the ability to check things off so to speak as I go... oh, and have I mentioned the very satisfying ALL DONE you get at the end of your list? When I see that, I get a giddy sense of accomplishment that feels better than chocolate.

If you need to compartmentalize, you can also have several "lists" going at once by simply typing the @ and the name of your list. For example I have my list and one for things I need Dave to do so after my list of
  • Prayer and Meditation
  • Mail and Cityville ;-)
  • Blog/Write
  • Walk and Weights
  • Food
  • Write!
I write @Dave and make a list below that. Then I have in one place the things I need to tell him as well and I can switch back and forth so easily whenever I need to and with the addition of the application tabs on Firefox5 I just leave the Now Do This tab open at the end of my screen and its always there when I need it.

I can also make separate lists for my day to day stuff and my weight and health things, like I space out meals, excersise and water so I can check them off when I've consumed what I need to :) That list looks a bit like this...


Or you could make a list for the entire week by simply typing out @Monday @Tuesday and so forth.I even have a countdown for Florida on there... of course its going to be a while before I see the all done on that list, but it keeps me motivated and motivation is important! I've got a really good handle on my life and where its headed and of the things I must do to get there and in the coming weeks, I'm going to start sharing those things that keep me strong like prayer, meditation, positive imagery, re-languaging so I hope you'll keep coming back for more master classes. Life is so extraordinarily sweet, I want all my readers to be able to savor every bite! Until next time, take care and keep dreaming ~ Samantha

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